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Little point Clear - The result of a varied and colorful journey.

The flow of Little Point Clear is no accident...  

Tricia Niemeyer, Owner, Little Point Clear

One of my passions is the re-creation of space with specific regards to function & flow. My vision at Little Point Clear, oddly enough, easily unfolded. With every wall moved and every opening revealed, I could see how the spaces could relate and function would be served. The building’s interior walls were originally so disjointed and poorly executed that it was hard to communicate what I saw - especially since I don't draw.  So basically, I ripped and tore with a crew until the basic structure revealed itself.  

Thus the flow of Little Point Clear is no accident.  Designed to feel like an intimate bay house but capable of opening up to a much larger crowd.  The rooms are creative, fresh and spacious...somewhere you want to gather.

One of my earliest creative efforts was building pine-straw houses on the play ground at the catholic school I attended in Daphne , and then on to textiles & sewing.  I loved fabric and design.  It was fun, fast, creative ...whatever I could dream up then I could make it.  I opened by first fabric store in 1988 when my four  kids were under seven.  That was a wild time.  The store was lovely and bustling with customers from all over the South. Other than New Orleans, there was no bridal lace or silks as such that served Fairhope, Al.  I discovered some amazing dressmakers that could design and make those beautiful creations for lucky debutantes or brides and some, like Maggie Johnson, are still dear friends. 

Over the years, I yearned to change the business to a different kind of creative outlet and thus - the second phase of Tricia's.  We closed the original store in summer 1988 and in the fall of 1998 there was a new Tricia's...

Purely focused on home interiors & design. 

However, our dressmaker touches were never lost and our creations were especially welcomed for their detail and fine sewing.

Little point Clear is truly my life’s dream. Every day, a fresh face comes through the doors thanking us for bringing life and beauty to an otherwise sad location - a location nestled between The Grand Hotel and Fairhope, Alabama. I am very proud of it, and invite you to call, email or text us for information and a tour. We are available for weddings, family reunions, rehearsal dinners and business meetings.

Next time I’ll share the continuing journey that culminated in my creating Little Point Clear. It involves hamburgers and sunset views...

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