We're the team that enthusiastically handles all details at Little Point Clear suites & space in Fairhope.  Every family celebration or corporate reception is very special and we love working closely to provide a relaxing and seamless event for our guests.   

Whether you're planning a Fairhope wedding or a vacation stay in one of our unique suites, we're here for you every step of the way

 to assure that your time at Little Point Clear is pleasantly memorable for a long time.

Meet Jessica
The Team
A mother of four really bright children, she's our property manager. She qualifies for a PHD in logistics & customer relations.  There's just about nothing she can't figure out and no length is to far to go.. assuring that you are
well taken care of.
Aaron, Jessica, Rob & Tricia
We look forward to 
making memories and
celebrating life
 with you and your family!
Meet Tricia
A mother of four and career
entrepreneur, she has the vision
and dreams...Little Point Clear
being the latest.  From a fabric
store, a design & furnishings
business to a waterfront cafe,
Tricia creates places that make
people want to gather and
celebrate life.